Sunday, August 17, 2008

Griffin Family Bear Lake Trip 2008

August 2008

It was time once again for the annual trip to Bear Lake. This time we stayed in a cabin in Lake Town which was really close to the beach. We spent all day on Saturday down at the beach and it was so fun to sit and watch the kids have fun in the water and in the sand.

All of the kids worked so hard to dig this crater and let it fill up with water. I bet that is where they spent most of the day, digging and having fun with the cousins!

Hunter loved the crab!!!!

Bryce loved the water!!!!!!!!

Taysie, Mariah and Jackson!!!

Grandma Michelle worked it out in her bikini!!

Ben and Amy and kids!

Will, Megan and Bryce!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Griffin Family!

Well it's official. I am learning how to blog with Brittny as my coach. So to all of you that have been pestering me to learn, here it goes. Below I am posting some random pic's of my kids, and I'll tell a little about each of them.

Brittny, 15

Britt, my crazy and wild girl. She loves to dance and recently made the Sky View drill team, a.k.a Vistauns! She loves hanging out with her friends who are so absolutely darling. They love to be obnoxious and just have a great time.

Mariah, 11

Mariah is my in charge girl. She like to be the boss of everyone in the house. She is my best babysitter and I depend a lot on her. She loves to hang out with her best friend Ashlee, play Webkins on the computer and ride her bike.

Jackson, 10

Jackson, my one and only son. He is my little gymnast. He love to jump on the tramp and can do the most amazing things on it. He love to play his PS2 and hang out with his friends. He also love to ride his skateboard and bike.

Jada, 7

Jada is almost eight and will be getting baptized in October. She loves to play Webkins on the computer, and frequently visits Grandma's Corner Bakery to buy treats with the random change she seems to find in the house!
Hunter, 5

Hunter, last but definitely not least. She is my toothless wonder, who never stops for a second. She love to play with anyone she can find no matter how old or young they are. She loves to ride her scooter and just learned how to ride her bike without training wheels, which she figured out all by herself!