Saturday, August 22, 2009

First Vistaun performance of the year.....

The very first Sky View football game was friday night. They played against Freemont High School. They had it up at the Aggie Stadium and the Vistauns performed at half time. They did a dance that they learned at camp up at Bear Lake during the summer.........Brittny is in the dark blue shirt on the right side......It's kind of hard to see her, I need a better camera.

Friday, August 21, 2009


I just had to post these pictures of Mariah. I know I might be a little biased, but is'nt she beautiful? She did'nt even get ready, with the exception of having her hair done by my friend Allison. She has always been very photogenic, I don't think she has ever had a bad picture..........and by the way she did'nt get that from me.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Arrow Of Light.

Jackson worked so hard to earn his Arrow Of Light award. His Weebelos leader worked hard too, yeah that was me. He had to complete so many more requirements in the Weebelo program than he did in the previous years before. There were three other boys in his den that earned it at the same time......that was my doing. I thought it would be so cool if they got their arrow at the same time. We held pack meeting at Mack Park in Smithfield. We had an Indian come and present the Arrow Of Light, he even did an Indian dance for the boys.

Notice that my son has the most decorated shirt...........again that was me.