Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our Eternal Family....

For our temple anniversary, we took our kids down to temple square in Salt Lake City. I had'nt been there for over twenty years and had been wanting to go for a long time. So much had changed I could'nt believe it. We first went into the museum and got to see so much amazing stuff. They had a section for each president. Gordon B. Hinckley was my favorite. They had a picture of every temple he dedicated, his temple clothes and all kinds of stuff to represent the copious amounts of things he did for our church. The first floor of the museum was full of stuff from Joseph Smith. There was actual hand written manuscripts from when he translated the Book of Mormon, along with alot of personal artifacts.

My older girls loved looking at all the Book Of Mormons. They were in so many different languages. They especially loved the ones that went backwards.

They had a place that you could make these CTR images. Britt loved the ones in different languages. If you look close at the middle one it is in sign language.

This is my most favorite picture of all. Is'nt this where we want all of our kids to end up Christ feet? I remember coming here as a little girl and it's amazing the reverence that you can feel here.