Friday, January 16, 2009

Snow Day

Everytime we have drove out to Richmond the kids have noticed everyone on the infamous North Cache Hill sledding. So we took the kids out for a cold day of sledding and when I say cold I mean cold. I could'nt feel my feet after standing there watching them have fun. I guess I should have went sledding too, because when they were done and I took Hunter's hat off, she was dripping wet with sweat, yuck! I guess it's hard work bringing the sleds up the hill.

Mariah and Sadie Jenny and Jada

Rylie and Hunter

Jackson and Andrew

Jackson, Andrew, Collin and Jon

Millitary at Sky View Basketball halftime

Here is a better video of Britt doing the Millitary Dance at the Sky View Basketball halftime. She was so excited she nailed her headstands, because she usually falls over at practice.........enjoy.

Waiting to dance.

All smiles after performing. Britt's bff's Jordan and Jackie!