Thursday, October 22, 2009


This is my most favorite time of the year......fall, and my most favorite holiday...Halloween. I have been wanting to post these pictures for a long time. I actually have had my house decorated since labor day.....I know, I am crazy, but I actually start thinking about putting it all out in August.........I just love it so much. I didn't take pictures of everything because I have things tucked in every nook and cranny. I didn't even put everything out this year because it was hard to find places to put everything. My old house seemed to have more place to decorate, even though this house is so much bigger. I kind of put these in order as you would see them as you walk in. Enjoy....

These are my Dept. 56 houses. I didn't put all of them out, because I dont have enough room. They all do something special. The one in the middle has lightning and thunder and flashes all kinds of cool stuff. Jada hates that one because it has a really creepy guy that laughs in it, and it scares her. My favorite is the windmill, it turns and has a really mysterious wind sound that accompanies it. They are an absolutely a no touch thing. My kids have always been good to leave my stuff alone, but these are really expensive, so they are forbidden to even turn them on.

Yes, I do a Halloween tree. I actually do one for all of the holidays, or the seasons. The bee tree that I do in the summer is my favorite.

This is my Kitty, and I put a flicker bulb inside of him so it looks like a candle is glowing in it.

I have been collecting little Halloween house forever, I think they are so much fun.