Thursday, March 5, 2009

Vistaun Banquet

I cant' believe the year is almost over, and it's time to say goodbye to all the girls on the team. We got together at Hamiltons for a really nice dinner. The girls were all so cute with each other, it was fun to see the different personalities that the girls had. Some were shy and quiet and some ( like Britt) were really rowdy. After dinner we had a slide show and got to see all the different things that were behind the scenes that the parents never knew about. Come to find out there was a trio of mice that lived under the bleachers in the gym where they practiced. Britt told me that they fed them every day and they had names for each of them.....disgusting. Britt has decided to not try out for next year, it was alot of hard work and she want's to focus on her grades...I think deep down she will miss it, but we are so proud of her accomplishments this year....Way to go Brittny.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Valentines Dance.....

Brittny asked her favorite man of the hour, Caden Sorensen, to the Sweethearts dance at Sky View. She looked just like a princess, so grown up, I can hardly believe it. Since she was the one to do the asking, she also had to do the driving. Her dress was so big, I had to help her into the back of Dad's truck. Then we drove over to his house to get him...thank goodness he lives just down the street, she litterally had to lie down in the back. They went as a group and Kesley and Josh came to the house to pick them up at our house. The girls were beautiful of course, Oh, those dances I remember all to times.