Thursday, December 11, 2008

Logan High Dance Invitational

Okay, I am officially the worlds worst blogger. How do all you Moms create so many new posts? Hhhhhmmm.......let's see, maybe you don't work full time and have five kids........or maybe you do and have nothing better to do than to make me feel like a slacker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway here is what everyone has been asking for, Brittny doing her thing at the Logan High School Dance Invitational. All three High Schools were there to show some of the dances they have learned so far this year. It's always fun to watch her......I filmed this with my regular camera so it's not the best recording but it will have to do.



Sunday, November 16, 2008


Yes! That is Britt out in the freezing cold with her snowboarding jacket on and her dance shorts, doing a toe touch. She truly is amazing at them and believe it or not, they have looked like that since she was 6 years old.

You Crack Me Up!!!!!!

I had to post these pictures of Jackson......but first let me tell you why this is so funny. Jackson has always had issues with wearing pajamas to bed. The past few years he has just paraded around the house in a pair of boxers, and we have begged him to put on p.j's. Well, since we have moved into the house, all of the sudden he wants to wear pajama bottoms. Well tonight he could'nt find any, imagine that, and so I told him just to put on a pair of pants until bedtime. A few minutes later he came in and said "Mom these pants are getting way to small for me" and I looked at him and started laughing and said "that's because they are Hunters!" Can you believe a 10 year old boy fit into his little sisters size 6x slim pants? And they actually fit around the waist!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat

Trick or treating was fun for the girls, we went out to Richmond to the old neighborhood and went with our friends. The weather was perfect and the girls did'nt even need a jacket. It was the best weather I had seen on Halloween in a long time. Jackson went as himself and I was'nt quick enough to catch him and his gang before they took off for the night, so he is missing in action for the Halloween photo's

Jada, Jenny and Abby.

Hunter and her little friend Ryley that she misses so much and asks to play with him everyday.


Carving smiles one pumpkin at a time.....
We waited until the last possible minute to carve our
pumpkins........Halloween Day! Brittny was gone for
the first time ever and Jackson was at a costume party
but the rest of the girls dug in (literally) and got the job

Cutest Jack o lantern smiles ever!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Family Fun

Happy Fall Y'all!!!
Today we took advantage of the great weather and finally got some family pictures done. Yeah, one more thing off of my list of things to do. Below is really how we feel about each other, most of the time anyway.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkin Walk

Oh a pumpkin is a pumpkin.........
Today we went to the Pumpkin Walk in North Logan. Aunt Heidi came over from Malad with her darling kids and Mariah had Ashlee come with us too. They had some really creative ideas this year, but the kids favorite thing to do is put their heads through the painted pictures at the end of the walk. Clifford was just the right size for everyone to find a place!!!!!!!!!

Our New Home.

Our new home!!!

Well we finally did it! We sold our house in Richmond and bought this house in Smithfield.

Yes! I finally have a front porch!!

This is the view from the front porch!
We've already seen deer.

Dining room!


Living room.
The kids rooms are all a mess because our basement is yet to be finished.
Those pictures will come later.

View from the deck.
And yes that is hole number five, on The Birch Creek Golf Course, if you look close enough!

Friday, September 12, 2008

First Day of School

Jada was allready to go the night before with her outfit all layed out. She was so excited to get back into the swing of things. She was a little nervous about her teacher, but I think she'll have a great year!!
Mariah and Ashlee spent the morning getting ready together, of course!! They had allready been down to school and got their lockers all ready for the big debut the week before so now all they had to do is look glamorous!!!!!!!!!

Hunter I just have to say that you were so excited, I did'nt think that the minute to leave would have came quick enough. Every five seconds you would ask if it was time to go. It was such a happy day for you until you found out that you did'nt get to sit in the front seat, so of course I have to display your angry face!!!!

Jackson I could'nt even catch before to get a picture, but he did'nt evade me at the school. I even managed to get a quick snap of him and all of his gang!!

Dylan, Kameron, Andrew, Jackson and Colin.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Griffin Family Bear Lake Trip 2008

August 2008

It was time once again for the annual trip to Bear Lake. This time we stayed in a cabin in Lake Town which was really close to the beach. We spent all day on Saturday down at the beach and it was so fun to sit and watch the kids have fun in the water and in the sand.

All of the kids worked so hard to dig this crater and let it fill up with water. I bet that is where they spent most of the day, digging and having fun with the cousins!

Hunter loved the crab!!!!

Bryce loved the water!!!!!!!!

Taysie, Mariah and Jackson!!!

Grandma Michelle worked it out in her bikini!!

Ben and Amy and kids!

Will, Megan and Bryce!!