Saturday, July 10, 2010

July Fourth

My darling sister in law, Annilee, you sure make me look like a bad blogger. So....... this one is for you girl. If your lucky I might even post another one by the end of the week:)

We did neighborhood fireworks this year for the first time. Our neighbor Jeff had connections in good old Wyoming, so we had the really GOOD kind. I am still amazed we evaded the cops. I had a box of glow sticks that the kids were making hand cuffs out of and arresting each other. And of course Hunter had the blasted innertube's out that she has been dragging around with her all summer........only Hunter:)


Leslie said...

Are you kidding?? An update??!! I am impressed! We didn't even watch fireworks this year--looks like fun!

annilee said...

YAY YAY and YAY! I figured I'd do my monthly check, just in case by some small chance there might be and update and much to my surprise...there was! I love seeing pics and updates! It gives me a piece of home and family that I miss so much! I love the pics, and especially the one of you and Big J! And your skinny A$$! Dang you look good always! Keep the pictures coming!!! Luv ya!